The White House Is Reportedly Making Trump Sick — Literally

President Donald Trump is struggling to settle into his new life at the White House.

It’s been almost a month since President Donald Trump assumed office but, it seems, he is just now grasping the harsh realities of being a president.

According to a report, the president is complaining about "cabin fever."

As reported by Mike Allen, a White House adviser, Trump is irritated by the fact he can’t dine out in the neighborhood of his Trump Tower in New York openly like he used to do before taking office as president. Allen also reported the White House lifestyle is giving the president headaches.

Trump lives in the White House, while his daughter Ivanka Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner and his grandchildren live in a nearby D.C. neighborhood. Trump's wife Melania and son Barron still live in Trump Tower penthouse in New York City due to Barron’s school.


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However, ever since he assumed office, Trump has been spending his weekends at his Mar-a-Lago beach resort in Florida to take a break from the “pressure-cooker” environment of the White House. He met the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his resort as well.

All this after saying he would rarely leave the White House because there was so much to do to get the country on track.

Trump's frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago cost the taxpayers a hefty amount of money. He has managed to spend the amount of money former President Barrack Obama spent over a year on travel, in just a single month. The cost of his weekend trips, Secret Service agents and other protective measures total of $11.3 million.  

Trump’s frustration comes days after the White House has been under turmoil. Recently, Michael Flynn resigned as the national security adviser, the first blow to Trump administration. Flynn resigned amid the raging controversy about his contacts with Russian officials before the business mogul took office.

A few days later, Flynn’s replacement nominee, Ret. Vice Admiral Robert Harward, also decided to call it quits.

Donald Trump is far from the first president to find living in the White House stressful. But he's definitely the first to take his unhappiness out on the American people with bizarre tweets, rants at his supposed enemies and threatening the very foundation of the country's free press.

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