Donald Trump Tried Using A Speaker Phone. It Did Not Go Well

“Enrique? …Hello? ...Hello? ...Be helpful,” Trump said as he painfully struggled using speaker phone on live TV.

President Donald Trump lives in nice, warm cocoon — blissfully unaware of how to do mundane, everyday tasks, like using a speaker phone for instance.

During a call that was broadcasted live, Trump decided to grace us with what would become a meme of a life time: him trying to figure out how a speaker phone works.

And the struggle was real.

Trump’s call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was supposed to be celebration of a new trade agreement between the two nations. However, Trump’s extraordinary performance, even before the call began, stole the show.



The, soon-to-be American classic, video began with Trump announcing Peña Nieto was on the line and it was all downhill from there.

When it became apparent to Trump the phone hadn’t really connected; he called out the Mexican president, “Enrique?”

There was no answer, followed by awkward silence.

“You can hook him up,” Trump asked someone off camera, yet he was determined to make it work himself.

“It’s a big thing, a lot of people waiting,” Trump said. Then pressed some more buttons, before calling out “hello?” a couple of times.

Followed by more awkward silence.

The POTUS, clearly unaware of how the phone worked, finally succumbed to asking for help.

“Be helpful,” he asked someone, who was able to make the call work by only a couple of clicks.


As if the start of the call wasn’t enough, Trump even said “A hug from you would be very nice” to the Mexican president.

And Twitter, rightfully, imploded.









Trump might not know how to navigate through a speaker phone but credit were due: he sure knows how to blow up Twitter.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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