Trump Called Anonymous Sources 'Fiction,' Despite Using Them Himself

“The fact is that many anonymous sources don’t even exist,” President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. "They are fiction made up by the Fake News reporters."

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Unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump lashed out at CNN on Wednesday, claiming reports using anonymous sources are “fiction.”

“The fact is that many anonymous sources don’t even exist,” Trump wrote on Twitter. "They are fiction made up by the Fake News reporters. Look at the lie that Fake CNN is now in. They got caught red handed! Enemy of the People!”

“When you see ‘anonymous source,’ stop reading the story, it is fiction!” he added in a following tweet.

The president was specifically referring to a CNN story published in July that used anonymous sources in its reporting on how former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Trump knew of the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, disclosed to BuzzFeed he was the unnamed source and divulged to The Washington Post that he is now uncertain of his claim.

However, CNN stands firmly by their reporting and states Davis was not the only source to corroborate the information.

Trump’s assertion sparked backlash from journalists, with some calling the president out for his hypocrisy. Trump was often the anonymous source for stories about himself and even served as his own spokesperson.

Other reporters highlighted how anonymous sources have often been used to root out corruption and hold officials accountable.

And journalist and activist Shaun King noted how Trump’s past tweets contradict his declaration on anonymous sources today. King dug up a 2012 tweet from Trump’s birther conspiracy days in which Trump claimed an anonymous source told him former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

Trump's latest tweets are just another example in a series of attacks against the media. As special counsel Robert Mueller's probe gains momentum, Trump frantically tries to discredit negative reporting about him and Russia.

But despite the president's attempts to stifle democracy, journalists refuse to be defeated and are pressing even harder for the truth. 

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