Trump Calls Boston Protesters ‘Agitators,’ Has Hard Time Typing ‘Heal’

Trump commended the cops while calling out the anti-racist protesters at the controversial rally as “anti-police agitators.”

President Donald Trump has had a hard time articulating, or rather hiding, how he truly feels about the spate of neo-Nazi protests.

His faculty for good judgment seemed to desert him again after scores of people descended upon Boston to protest the rise of white supremacy in America. The protestors were anti-racist, anti-fascist and largely peaceful demonstrators.

Trump, however, did not see them as such.

In a tweet, he called them out as “anti-police agitators” and praised the police for looking “tough and smart.” Interestingly, African Americans rallying for the transformation of a white supremacist justice and prison system are often brushed off as “anti-police” demonstrators as well.

Even Boston Police Commissioner William Evans disagreed with the POTUS.

Although Boston Police confirmed some of the protestors threw rocks, urine and bottles at officers, Evans maintains that such people were in the minority.  

“99.9 percent of the people were here for the right reason and that’s to fight hate and bigotry,” he said.

It would have been unlike Trump to not incoherently contradict himself at this point. After rejecting the protestors, he was probably reminded that such protests are vital for any democracy. Thus began Trump’s long, well-documented war with words.

In the first tweet, the commander-in-chief implied that America had been divided for exactly a decade. He also implored Americans to come together and “heel," the latest addition to his tweeting gaffes.

In the correction that followed, Trump decided to rid 2007 as the cursed year when fissures in American society first showed up.

However, POTUS was still adamant that Americans “heel."

Not many were on board with his agenda.

In his third attempt, the president of the country managed to tell Americans to just come together and “heal."

Yes, finally!

In the end, it is safe to say that

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Stephanie Keith

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