Trump Calls European Union A 'Foe' But Has No Idea What It Means

"I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn't think of the European Union, but they're a foe."

President Donald Trump’s NATO summit was troublesome to say the least.

The POTUS has continuously doubled down on his attacks targeting his closest allies, called Germany a “captive” of Russia and has been treading on thin ice with Canada and France ever since the G7 summit. All in all, Trump’s recent relationship with his allies has been nothing but worrisome.

And it seems the president has just made things much more difficult for himself.

In a shocking statement, Trump termed the European Union, one of America’s biggest allies, a “foe.”



Trump, who is set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, had previously refused to call Russia a foe.

However, after putting E.U. in the same bracket as Russia and China, Trump tried to go back on his words, by claiming “foe” doesn’t actually means what it really does.

"But that doesn't mean they're bad. It doesn't mean anything. It means that they are competitive. They want to do well and we want to do well,” he said.

Although, Trump, who recently boasted of his exceptional “writing skills,” should know that is not what foe means.

But for those getting confused by the constant gaslighting from the POTUS, the editors from one of the most popular dictionaries in the United States, came to their aid.

In a tweet from Merriam-Webster’s official Twitter account, the actual definition of foe was presented and, unsurprisingly, it is not what Trump said it was.


And that was not it.

Minutes after Trump claimed the E.U. and United States to be foes; European Council President Donald Tusk used one of POTUS’ favorite phrases and used it against him.



Whether Trump actually did not know what foe meant (although he should, he is a “best-selling author” after all) or he deliberately called one of America’s biggest ally an “enemy” still remains to be seen but his growing adversary towards countries that have been centuries-long friends with America is certainly dangerous.

Tusk recently warned Trump to “appreciate his allies” because he does not have many. Trump has recently berated NATO allies for not investing enough in defense. He also threatened “weak Brexit” could result in the end of trade deals between the U.K. and U.S.

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