Why Trump Using An NDA To Keep Omarosa Quiet Is A Bad Idea

The NDAs, which cannot be enforced, were reportedly made by White House lawyers upon Trump’s insistence, even though they advised against them.



President Donald Trump is famous for using non-disclosure agreements to keep his opponents mute — Exhibit A: hush money payments to former playboy model Karen McDougal.

But there is one NDA that would definitely not work and the president seems rather uninformed about it.

Trump went on a Twitter rampage against former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has written a book on her time as a White House official that contains unflattering content about the president.



Trump’s re-election campaign is now working to keep the former Trump aide quiet, claiming she signed an NDA while working in the Trump campaign, which covered future disclosures.



However, Trump seems to have forgotten one thing: the NDA would not work for a former White House official.

Bradley Moss, a Washington, D.C., lawyer specializing in federal employee rights said attempts to shun Omarosa using an NDA would remain useless.

“That’s going to fail,” predicted Moss. “[Trump is] used to a world where he can threaten financial ruin on people with these NDAs.”

According to Moss, while the NDA might work in keeping “The Apprentice” star quiet about her time in the Trump campaign, it would still be void in stopping her from talking about her time as a White House official,  where she was working under the American government, which is not Trump’s private entity.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refused to discuss the attempted enforcement of the NDA through arbitration in New York City. However, she falsely claimed previous administrations also used NDAs in the White House.

“Every administration prior to the Trump administration had NDAs, particularly specific for anyone that had a security clearance,” she said during a recent press briefing.

While Trump official have acknowledged many staffers are made to sign NDAs, in an attempt to keep them quiet about their time in the White House even after they leave their position, according to Huff Post, experts like Moss and employees of the Obama and George W. Bush administrations did not have to sign off on any such agreements not did any other recent administrations.

While all staffers have to follow certain rules when disclosing information — like classified information cannot be disclosed unless declassified — the courts do not take away White House officials’ first amendments rights regarding their time as a government official.

In simple words: Manigault Newman would be able to talk about her time as a White House official as much as she wants and no NDA can stop her.

The NDAs, which cannot be enforced, were reportedly made by White House lawyers upon Trump’s insistence, even though they advised against them.

Manigault Newman’s book “UNIHINGED” claims Trump is mentally unfit for presidency and accused him of making racial slurs aginst African Americans.

Trump, in retaliation, went on to Twitter to call his former aide a “crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.”



In doing so, Trump also claimed he only kept Manigault Newman around because she said great things about him — and admission that raised many eyebrows.



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