Here Are 7 ‘Yuge’ Campaign Promises Trump Has Broken So Far

Trump has been unsuccessful in fulfilling most of the promises that he made during his presidential campaign.

President Donald Trump made grandiose promises during his election campaign, from his wall to keep Mexicans out to repealing the Affordable Care act on "day one."

However, most of the promises made by the business mogul remain unfulfilled.

During the campaign, Trump pointed out several times that he will build a wall on the southern border with Mexico. He also went ahead and said he will have Mexico pay for it. However, John F. Kelly, his homeland security secretary, recently said that a full border wall with Mexico was “unlikely.”

There were several instances during his three-month presidency when Trump said that he wouldn’t bomb Syria and that it was better to stay out of the conflict. However, recently he gave the go-ahead for a U.S. missile strike on Syria.

The business mogul had also said that he would repeal Obamacare and that it was a disaster. However, House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled back a vote on a new the health care plan when it was clear it wouldn't pass.

The commander-in-chief categorically said that he would distance himself from his business empire and that his sons would make all the business related decisions. Even that promise was broken by the president when records surfaced online showing how closely he is still linked to his business dealings.

Trump also promised that he would file his tax returns. However, Kellyanne Conway, his White House counselor, recently said that he will not disclose his tax returns simply because “people were not interested.”

The president also vowed to surround himself with the “best” and “smartest” people but instead he appointed highly unqualified people for their positions. For example, he appointed Betsy DeVos as education secretary, despite her opposition to public education.  Jeff Sessions was appointed as in charge of voting rights although he is an opponent of the Voting Rights Act. Climate change denier Scott Pruitt heads the Environmental Protection Agency and Russian quisling Rex Tillerson was appointed as secretary of state.

Another promise that the business mogul broke is his vow to clean the Washington swamp. However, instead he brought more billionaires, CEOs and Wall Street moguls than ever in U.S. history.

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