Giant ‘Trump Chicken’ In Prison Uniform Sets Sail In San Francisco

“After the week the world has had, we all want to see Trump in jail. Yet we know the wait is long, too long,” said the campaign’s GoFundMe page.


After “Trump Baby” floated above the Parliament Square in London, a giant 33-foot inflatable balloon designed to look like President Donald Trump, sailed around the San Francisco Bay near Alcatraz prison.

The giant Trump blimp was wearing a prison uniform, labeled “Prisoner 45,”circling around the bay in a boat called “Alcatraz Prison Transport.” 

Alcatraz prison once held the country’s most tarnished criminals.

Now, protesters want their corrupt commander-in-chief to go in that prison.

However, currently that’s not possible, so they are sending a big chicken Trump version there, in a fun exercise called “The Big Coop” by organizers.

"After the week the world has had, we all want to see Trump in jail. Yet we know the wait is long, too long. In the meantime, how can we let out our frustration about everything that seems so ruined and wrong?” organizer Anne Pruett wrote on the campaign’s GoFundMe page. The fundraising page has collected over $700 to pay for Trump Chicken's journey to prison.

“We at Trump Chicken are civic-minded,” the page continued. “We want to give you a chance to speak your piece to the Chicken President when we sail our 33-foot bird in his Prisoner 45 shirt slowly down the Embarcadero and further south this Sunday in a prison transport boat.”

Organizer asked onlookers to vent out their frustration at the president and shout anything at the Trump Chicken as it sails past them.

“You can mock and squawk and swear like you’ve never sworn before in a proud expression of your First Amendment right. Bring your friends. Make some signs and banners. Wear costumes. Dance. Everyone remember we’re still free.”

According to the New York Times, a Seattle-based artist originally designed the “Trump chicken” to commemorate the Year of the Rooster in China, which took the internet by storm. Later, a San Francisco-based activist re-created the effigy as an inflatable balloon to use for the protest, demanding Trump release his tax returns.

The giant inflatable balloon, depicting Trump, featuring a golden coif of hair and tiny hands like the president, made its first debut in San Francisco for the Tax March in 2017.

Later, a giant Trump chicken balloon, also known as “Chicken Don” appeared at a protest outside the White House.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters

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