Trump Retweets Image Showing Bloodied CNN Logo Squashed Under His Shoe

The photo appeared to show Trump having squashed a bloodied CNN logo under his shoe with the word “WINNING” imposed over it.

President Donald Trump

On Christmas Eve, when most people prefer to spend time with their families and loved ones, President Donald Trump was busy bullying a top FBI official, attacking “fake news” over “fake polls” and sharing an inflammatory photo targeting CNN with his more than 45 million followers.

In other words, the commander-in-chief spent the festive day just as one would imagine him to: being vindictive and petty.

While his unsubstantiated accusations against FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe have also come under fire, it’s Trump’s vicious attack on CNN that has sparked a major controversy.

While the president was boasting about his administration’s accomplishments and bemoaning how the news outlets would never report any of it, a Trump supporter who goes by the name “oregon4TRUMP” on social media, tried to flatter the celebrity-turned-politician with a doctored image showing a bloodied CNN logo squashed beneath his shoe.

The image also had the word “WINNING” imposed over it.

Given Trump’s penchant for sharing inappropriate and often debunked tweets, the president promptly retweeted the meme.

The photo – and its violent implications — did not go unnoticed.

Former director of the Independent Office of Government Ethics Walter M. Shaub Jr., a vocal Trump critic who stepped down earlier this year amid clashes with the White House, did not waste time calling the president out.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper also chimed in.

“CNN-labeled blood on the sole of his shoe,” he wrote. “Retweeted by the President of the United States on Christmas Eve.”

Interestingly, this is how former Trump campaign adviser Jason Osborne defended the image:

Here’s how other journalists and normal folks reacted to the blood-spattered shoe photo:

This is not the first time Trump has unabashedly endorsed violence against journalists by taking aim at CNN. Earlier this year, he drew fire after sharing a doctored video of himself slamming a man whose head had been superimposed with a CNN logo.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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