Trump Goes After 'Morning Joe' In Out-Of-Control Bid For Attention

Donald Trump tweeted that he knows the “real story” behind Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s rumored relationship and he plans to tell it all.

As it seems every week Donald Trump is launching a brand new attack on someone, he has now decided to take on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Trump, who once had a good rapport with the hosts, is trying to propel this story that Scarborough and Brzezinski have a secret romance with each other.

It should be noted that the hosts have followed Trump’s campaign very critically and exposed several of his lies, which seems to be where Trump’s animosity toward them is stemming from.

On Monday morning’s episode, Brzezinksi referred to Trump’s Virginia speech as “the most impolite delivery I’ve ever seen,” and even facetiously said he was belting “like he’s had a lot to drink.”

In response, Trump posted two tweets including one in which he called Brzezinksi a “neurotic and not very bright mess!” and another in which he threatened to expose “the real story” of her and Scarborough’s supposed love affair.

Trump appears to be capitalizing off of chatter about the hosts that began circulating after Brzezinksi finalized her divorce from WABC reporter James Hoffer by implying that the rumors are true in order to scandalize them.

This immature stunt is expected of Trump. His only rebuttal against people who criticize him is to create conspiracy theories about them, in hopes that the media will latch on and someone other than him will be in the hot seat.

It never works; however, because none of his stories have been proven to be true.

For example, he recently claimed to have seen “secret video footage” of a cash exchange between the United States and Iran in a ransom deal to retrieve American detainees.

He “revealed” this news in order to scandalize President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but later he had to backtrack on those blatant lies by admitting the video he saw was actually of the hostage plane landing in Geneva, Switzerland.

With all of these lies and outlandish accusations against people, Trump is only digging his campaign into a deeper hole than it is already in, which is leading many people to suspect that he’s purposely acting out so that he can lose the election.

He either really wants his former friend Clinton to win or he has come to realize that he doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with the presidency.

Either way, if he is truly stirring all of this mess to self-sabotage, it’s certainly working. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters and Twitter @Slate

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