Trump Criticizes US, Defends Putin On Russian TV

Donald Trump’s campaign feigns ignorance to the fact that his interview criticizing United States foreign policy would be aired on Russian television.

Throughout his campaign, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized heavily for his friendly relationship with Russia’s authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin.

Each man has publicly praised the other’s leadership skills and they both have spoken highly of each other on more than one occasion.

Trump even “sarcastically” invited Russia to launch a cyber-attack on the United States to find Hillary Clinton’s lost emails.

Making his relationship with Russia even more questionable, Trump criticized U.S. foreign policy and the American political press corps on Thursday during an interview for a state-owned Russian Television network called RT America, according to the Daily Kos.

His attack on American media during the interview is ironic, considering it has been quite instrumental in propelling his campaign forward by saturating the news with coverage of his antics.

“Well, I think the dishonesty of the media. The media has been unbelievably dishonest,” Trump said after being asked what surprised him most about the political process. “I mean they’ll take a statement that you make which is perfect and they’ll cut it up and chop it up and shorten it or lengthen it or do something with it.”

Trump also attempted to refute claims that he doesn’t have a firm understanding of military issues or a plan to take on the Islamic State by declaring he has a “very distinct plan” and knocking down the foreign policy established by both the Barack Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

Americans are all too familiar with Trump’s attacks against the government, including his criticisms of present and former Democratic and Republican leaders.

However, divulging all of this to Russia — which already has a strained relationship with the U.S. — is nothing short of “airing our dirty laundry” to our “frenemies.”

Making the U.S. appear divided and weak is exactly what Russia would want, and it is precisely what Trump gave them.

To top it all off, when asked if he believes Russia was behind the recent DNC hack and whether he thinks Russia is trying to influence U.S. Elections, Trump said, “I think it’s probably unlikely. I think maybe the Democrats are putting that out. Who knows? But I think that it’s pretty unlikely.”

Funny; he thinks Russia’s involvement is unlikely, yet he exclusively named Russia when he made his “joke” about hacking into Clinton’s emails.

Why would he further promote supposed propaganda spread by the Democrats if he didn’t believe it?

In response to the backlash Trump has received for slamming the U.S. on Russian TV, his spokeswoman claimed that they took a phone interview with Larry King thinking it was for his podcast. They were, supposedly, unaware that it would be featured on Russian television.

Larry King has yet to dispute the Trump campaign’s damage control excuse. But, King has been in the media business long enough that it seems odd he would “trick” Trump into such a damning interview.

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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