Trump Compliments Hispanic Border Patrol Agent’s ‘Perfect English’

Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua remained respectful and poised while talking to President Donald Trump. He thanked Trump while ignoring a comment about his English speaking skills.

President Donald Trump has absolutely no filter, and it has been proven time and again. However, as president of the United States, it’s expected he would at least try to display some degree of couth.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

On Monday, Trump introduced a Latino border patrol agent by emphasizing that he “speaks perfect English.” (Please join us in a collective face-palm.)

According to HuffPost, Trump was recognizing agent Adrian Anzaldua for discovering 78 undocumented immigrants inside a trailer in Laredo, Texas.

Luckily, all of the migrants were found in good health. However, the smuggler and passenger — who were both American citizens — were arrested.

“The border patrol agent who caught the accused, and likely saved many lives, he’s here with us,” Trump said before bringing Anzaldua up to the podium.

“You’re not nervous, right? Speaks perfect English,” Trump added as Anzaldua walked up to stand with him.

First of all, Trump’s remark was flat-out racist. His words suggested that because Anzaldua is of Hispanic heritage, it is somehow a miraculous achievement that he would speak English fluently.

Secondly, it should be noted that United States Customs and Border Protection agents are required to be U.S. citizens. As such, Anzaldua’s ability to speak English as an American should not come as a surprise to Trump, or anyone for that matter.

Anzaldua remained respectful and poised. He thanked Trump while ignoring the comment about his English speaking skills. Although the agent handled the awkward moment gracefully, he should have used the moment to school Trump in some way, even if it was just a sarcastic quip to set the record straight on the president’s ignorant insinuation.

While he likely would have ended up on Trump’s bad side for calling him out, that would be better than allowing him to get away with the blatant disrespect he continues to show minorities, especially Latinos.  

Twitter, on the other hand, did not hold back. Several social media users clapped back at the president for his tactless remark. 

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