Trump Continues To Incite Violence—San Jose Protesters Get Aggressive

The tense atmosphere at Trump rallies boiled over in San Jose, California, where protesters began to assault supporters and multiple fights broke out.

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Donald Trump rallies throughout the U.S. have been known for instances of violence—often, his supporters have punched and assaulted peaceful protesters, or thrown ample verbal insults around.

In San Jose, California, however, the tables turned: Protesters were the ones to initiate violence against Trump supporters as they exited his rally.

Hundreds of protesters showed up in downtown San Jose to make their feelings clear about Trump and his fans. According to Mercury News, as rally-goers walked out of the convention center, they witnessed protesters jumping on cars, burning “Make America Great Again” hats, and throwing cones, bottles, and even a metal barricade, which one woman was hit in the forehead with.

Fights broke out between protesters and supporters, and more than a few people emerged bloody as police attempted to deescalate the contentious atmosphere.

A troubling video emerged on Twitter of protesters throwing eggs at one particular woman, who was pelted numerous times.

This riot-esque behavior is disturbing and unacceptable from individuals who claim to despise Trump specifically because he has advocated bigotry and violence in the past (urging his supporters to punch protesters).  However, it demonstrates exactly the kind of bitter, hateful climate Trump has created among Americans.

The Mercury News reports that this particular rally was likely more hostile than others because of the demographics of San Jose—the city is home to many Latinos, and thanks to Trump’s racist, incendiary rhetoric,  many feel that Trump has personally insulted them and their families.

Ariana Romero, 21, commented that, “I work hard and have my own place and pay my own bills and because of this man people look down on me and think I'm just another statistic—all because of his hate. Why would we want someone like that to run this country?"

As Trump is beginning to edge Hillary Clinton out in national and swing state polls, he looks to have an increasingly legitimate chance of becoming our next president. If this is what that entails, America is in for a dangerous future. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Esquire

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