Donald Trump Trashed Obama For Doing Things He Is Now Doing Himself

President Trump who is known for his hypocrisy and manipulative tactics is doing the exact same things he once called out Barack Obama for.

President Donald Trump has been a long time critic of former President Barack Obama.

During Obama’s presidency, the business mogul often called out his Democratic Party rival for being “non-serious” about his job, among many other things. But now, as the two men have switched their roles and Trump has become the leader of the United States, he is seen doing the exact same things he once criticized Obama for. 

In a 2014 tweet the reality TV host pointed fingers at Obama for playing golf while the U.S. faces problems and difficulties.


Two years later, in a speech in Virginia, he told fans and supporters: “I’m gonna be workin’ for you. I’m not gonna have time to go play golf.” However, in a sheer display of hypocrisy, Trump has visited golf courses 10 times within the first eight weeks of his presidency, whereas Obama waited four months before his first golfing trip.

Trump has also previously poked fun at Obama for being the “worst president in the history of the United States.”

But his words have come back to haunt him, as recent polls have showed Donald Trump’s disapproval rating is at an all time high of 53 percent. This makes him the least popular president in modern history.



Moving forward, Trump often accused Obama of using taxpayers' money for lavish personal vacations.



Even though the business mogul himself is used to traveling in private jets and living in a mansion worth millions, he vowed to be a president who would not take vacations. But just a couple of months into his presidency, the real-estate owner has taken more than five trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where each trip costs an estimated $3 million of taxpayers’ money.




That's not it. Trump also often took a jab at Obama by calling him a “disaster for foreign policy.”


He even called the former president the founder of ISIS and slammed the Obama administration for not voting on a U.N. Security Council resolution that stopped Israel from expanding settlements into Palestine. Interestingly, now Trump himself is following most foreign policies as that of Obama and just last month he asked Israel to stop constructing new settlements because it may not help bring peace with Palestinians.

Trump, who himself signed 18 executive orders within just 12 days of presidency, had also previously criticized Obama for “constantly issuing executive orders.”




President Trump should probably learn an important lesson from the past and not give away words too soon, or his hypocrisy will continue unfolding until he leaves in the Oval office. 

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