Trump Crony: Khizr Khan Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ Gold Star Title

Donald Trump’s New York campaign co-chair delivered some disrespectful remarks about the parents of Humayun Khan during a recent radio interview.

Donald Trump and his flunkies just can’t seem to stop attacking the family of the late Capt. Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq back in 2004.

Khan’s parents delivered a scathing speech against Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric at the Democratic National Convention and have been targeted by the Trump camp ever since.

Trump’s New York campaign co-chair Carl Paladino joins the likes of Katrina Pierson, Corey Lewandowski, and the GOP presidential nominee himself, who have all attempted to shame the Khan family in one way or another.

During a radio interview with Connell McShane of “Imus in the Morning,” Paladino suggested that the Khans didn’t deserve to be Gold Star parents. He also echoed Trump’s claims that Khizr Khan was a member or supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, Uproxx reports.

“All right, I don’t care if he’s a Gold Star parent,” Paladino said. “He certainly doesn’t deserve that title, OK, if he’s as anti-American as he’s illustrated in his speeches and in his discussion. I mean, if he’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or supporting, you know, the ISIS-type of attitude against America, there’s no reason for Donald Trump to have to honor this man.”

As several news outlets — including BuzzFeed — picked up Paladino’s comments and slammed his outrageous criticisms, he reportedly defended himself via email and stood by his remarks.

“Kahn’s [sic] history of advocating for Islamist terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood and his prior communications with terrorist individuals and organizations give reason to his dumb attempt to enter the arena and re-define to real Americans the Trump they know as a patriotic leader who will confront and destroy America’s demons and do what Hillary and her hero Barack don’t have the fortitude or disposition to do,” he wrote. “Allowing himself to be so controlled by Hillary that he would dishonor the memory of his heroic son shows the man’s lack of character and backbone.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Paladino also proclaimed that, “Most Gold Star parents would despise Mr Kahn’s [sic] attempt to politicize his son’s loss,” and “Hillary should be ashamed and pillaged for encouraging the Kahn’s [sic] to so tragically make fools of themselves.”

This type of tasteless attack is unsurprising coming from a Trump backer, but yet still cringeworthy and deserving of condemnation.

It was completely egregious of Paladino to accuse two grieving parents of “politicizing” their son’s death when in actuality, they used a public platform to prove to Americans that the Islamophobic attitude Trump has based his campaign on is founded upon nothing but ignorance.

Trump dodged the draft multiple times, refusing to fight for the country he claims he wants to “protect” from Muslims. In contrast, their Muslim son put his life on the line for that very same country. 

Paladino’s attempt to denounce the Khans as a Gold Star family only proves that he and the entire Trump campaign do not represent true American values.

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