Trump Crony Suggests Democrats Are Behind Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats

Entrepreneur and President Donald Trump fan Anthony Scaramucci made several bold implications about the Democratic Party’s involvement in recent anti-Semitic threats.

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Donald Trump is lacking in many ways as president, but one very important quality he and his administration are missing is accountability. No matter how much damage is done, the blame always belongs to someone else.

On Tuesday, Anthony Scaramucci — the financier who Trump once considered to appoint as an adviser — posted a tweet that seemed to imply that Democrats are responsible for the recurring threats against Jewish community centers and day schools throughout the nation, The Huffington Post reports.

Scaramucci shared a Breitbart News article about “bird-dogging” to legitimize his claim. The piece refers to a strategy allegedly used by Democrats to provoke violence from Trump supporters at his campaign rallies.

In a series of tweets, Scaramucci went to bat for President Donald Trump and how “extremely unfair” it is to blame the influx in anti-Semitic hate crimes on him.

In the same day, Trump made a very vague comment on the attacks, noting that “sometimes [the anti-Semitic threats] come from the reverse,” apparently in an effort to “make people — or to make others — look bad.”

It’s unclear who or what “the reverse” refers to, but it will supposedly all be explained during the president’s address to Congress Tuesday night.

It’s quite possible, though, that Trump shares Scaramucci’s theory and that “the reverse” alluded to the Democratic Party, which is allegedly trying to damage his image. However, it seems like a futile effort on behalf of the liberals considering that Trump does an excellent job of looking bad all on his own.  

The FBI is reportedly investigating the threats and lawmakers are urging the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security to join the effort.

According to The Huffington Post’s trackers, at least 100 bomb threats have been made to Jewish community centers and day schools so far this year, with some being targeted up to three times.

Since Trump took office, he’s only directly addressed the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes once, and in doing so, he simply stated the obvious without presenting any potential solutions or even strongly condemning them.

“The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible, and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil,” he said while visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

However, just days before those remarks, he silenced a Jewish reporter who asked him about the incidents and offered a defensive response, claiming to be the “least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

Prior to that, the president and his administration faced backlash for egregiously omitting any mention of Jewish people from the White House’s official statement on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

After winning the election last November, Trump also failed to disavow white nationalists who were using the Nazi salute in celebration of his presidential win.

As it currently stands, the president has a longer track record of anti-Semitic behavior than these so-called Democrats who are supposedly conspiring against him. 

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