Trump Mistakes Dakota Pipeline Protesters For Enthusiastic Supporters

Trump rants about "fake news" outlets not covering his big crowds of supporters, but there is just one minor problem — they were protesters.

President Donald Trump just loves to blame the media for spreading “fake news” — although it seems like he doesn’t hesitate from creating it himself.

The tweeter-in-chief recently complained that the media failed to cover “big crowds” of supporters as he returned to Washington. According to him, the supporters were lined up at his motorcade route in West Palm Beach.



This is when a reporter from ABC station gave the president a reality check, informing him that that big crowd of supporters was, in fact, a crowd of protesters of the Dakota access pipeline.





The commander-in-chief is in favor of constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline that the Obama administration ordered to halt based on environmental concerns. The pipeline will cross under the Missouri River near the Standing Rock reservation, and months of protests launched amid severe concerns oil leaks may contaminate drinking water and destroy sacred burial grounds.

However the Republican Party doesn’t seem to be bothered. For them, the pipeline is an important piece of energy infrastructure enhancing America's energy security.

Some supporters of the pipeline could also be seen nearby, but the protesters outnumbered them.

Banner/Thumbnail credit: Reuters

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