Trump Debuts Absurd New Nickname For Sanders: ‘Crazy Bernie’

Donald Trump hasn’t unleashed too many attacks against Bernie Sanders along the campaign trail until polls have begun showing Sanders still has a fighting chance.

Bernie Sanders’ fight to the finish is proving to be successful as he has been consistently beating Democratic presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, in primary contests.

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He’s claimed 19 wins over the former First Lady and Secretary of State. While Clinton’s delegate lead still keeps her on track to be the nominee, Sanders’ growing popularity shows he still has a chance.

Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has, of course, taken notice to this turn of events and acknowledged it in a series of tweets in which he crassly referred to Sanders as “Crazy Bernie.”

Trump is known for making up absurd nicknames for people he’s up against including calling Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” and Elizabeth Warren “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.” He’s also been frequently referring to Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.”

Despite Trump’s affinity for bestowing rude nicknames upon people, “Crazy Bernie” seems rather inaccurate considering the success of the revolutionary movement he has started and his popularity among voters clearly indicates he is not crazy.

According to CNN, Trump explained on “Fox and Friends” why he chose that name for Sanders: “I call him 'Crazy Bernie' because he's not very good, but probably beating him would be easier" [than beating Clinton].

"Who's going to run against the socialist and lose?" he asked rhetorically.

Following those pompous statements, Trump was asked about polls that show Sanders doing better against him than Clinton in the general election. In response, he claimed it’s only because he hasn’t given Sanders any attention yet.

"I've never hit him. Don't forget. I haven't started on him. I haven't said anything about him," Trump reportedly said. "Maybe I'm going to have to start."

Trump is clearly overly confident that all he has to do is start attacking Sanders with outlandish allegations the same way he has done to everyone else and it will prompt his fall from grace.

Perhaps part of his “strategy” is trying to get everyone to believe he’s crazy, hence the new nickname.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver responded to Trump’s remarks on CNN’s "At This Hour:”

“Senator Sanders doesn't run his campaign based on advice from Donald Trump. Let me say that from the get-go," Weaver said. "But let me also say this: This myth that long primaries somehow hurt the eventual nominee, I think we all saw in 2008 how that just was not true.”

Try as he might, the Twittersphere made it very clear that "Racist Trump" can’t stop voters from feeling the Bern. 


Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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