Trump Supports Alleged Wife-Beaters, Doubts Their Victims

Trump, notorious for making serious and reckless accsations, lamented men were being demonized without "a due process."

President Donald Trump lamented how his staffers, Rob Porter and David Sorensen, are being treated after they were accused of domestic violence against their wives.

Doubting survivors and supporting their alleged attackers, the POTUS said some claims were maybe “false” and “old" and that one should respect "a due process."

Trump was, many guessed, referring to the accusations against White House officials. White House secretary Rob Porter departed from the White House after he was accused by two of his ex-wives of physically assaulting them. White House speech-writer David Sorensen also resigned after being accused by his wife of physically abusing her.

As a quick Google search shows, the lives and careers of men are not destroyed after they are accused by survivors of violence.

The fact that Trump himself became the president after being accused of sexual misconduct by some 20 women is enough confirmation.

If anything, it is the accuser who runs the risk of being shunned by peers and having their character questioned every time they come forward with accusations. It is this fear of being questioned and having their careers destroyed by a powerful man and his minions that kept Harvey Weinstein’s victims silent and emboldened the man.

Men, on the other hands, continue to thrive, mostly. Case in point, Quentin Tarantino, a top director accused of choking "Kill Bill" actress Uma Thurman and forcing her to do an unsafe scene, has defended alleged rapist Roman Polanski and is making a movie on him.

It is also strange that a man who has hurled accusations left, right and center is now so concerned with “due process”. This seems to be a recent concern. He was certainly not worried about due process in 1989, when he called for the murder of a group of black and Hispanic men who were accused of raping a white woman. The charges were later found to be false. Also, Trump recklessly claimed his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped him. 

Most recently, the POTUS has made crystal clear he doesn't approve of an ongoing due process that seeks to investigation Russian meddling in 2016's presidential elections.

As appalling as it may be, Trump's support for alleged abusers, instead of survivors, is nothing new. He is, after all, someone who backed alleged child molester, Roy Moore, for Senate last year.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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