Organizer Of The Largest Pro-Trump Event In DC Is A Rape Apologist

A man, who once tweeted “have you guys ever tried ‘raping’ a girl without using force?” organized the largest pro-Trump event in D.C.



Long before Donald Trump was elected president, white supremacists and members of the so-called “alt-right” movement (white supremacists, by another name) began rejoicing by holding celebratory conferences and victory parades.

So, as upsetting as it might be, it’s not surprising that alt-right racists have gathered in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the boorish billionaire’s presidential inauguration. One such event, billed “Deploraball” –after Hillary Clinton’s infamous branding of half of Donald Trump's backers as belonging in a "basket of deplorables” – reportedly turned out to be the largest pro-Trump event in the capital.

And its frontman, as Shaun King, senior justice writer at the New York Daily News, noted, is Mike Cernovich, who is a notorious, “alt-right” (racist) rape apologist. He tweeted in 2012: “Have you guys ever tried ‘raping’ a girl without using force? Try it. It’s basically impossible. Date rape does not exist.”


In the same year, he posted: “A whore will let her friend ruin your life with a false rape case. So why should I care when women are raped?”

In 2014, he said, “Fat/ugly women seek out dominant men to abuse them. Then they seek sympathy from others. “He’s so mean.” Hence why women troll Twitter.”

Last February, he tweeted: “Not being a slut is the only proven way to avoid AIDS. If you love black women, slut-shame them.”

[Almost all of these tweets have been deleted.]

Cernovich is also one of Trump’s fake news-spreading supporters. He “was among the first to insinuate publicly that Clinton had a grave neurological condition, and that the media was covering it up,” according to the New Yorker.

And last July, after, Micah Xavier Johnson, a black U.S. Army reservist shot and killed five police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest in Texas, Cernovich tweeted: “The ‘alt-right’ hasn’t killed anyone, but #BlackLivesMatter regularly slaughters the innocent. Know the real threat. Think! ?#Dallas.”

FYI, Johnson had no ties to the BLM.

And now, thanks to Trump, someone as racist and sexist like Cernovich is holding parties in the capital.


"What better way to celebrate Trump’s win than to throw the biggest, hottest, most in-demand party during Inauguration Week?," he wrote on his website, a few hours before Trump’s inauguration kicked off. "What better way to laugh in the faces of the bigoted Clinton campaign than to reclaim their label, the deplorables."

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