Trump Uses 'Fox & Friends' To Attack Ex-CIA Director John Brennan

President Donald Trump retweeted an interview from Dan Bongino to "Fox & Friends," in which he dubiously blamed ex-CIA head John Brennan for starting the Russia investigation.

In a series of tweets he made on Monday morning, President Donald Trump attacked former CIA Director John Brennan, directly quoting a Fox News guest in order to make his dubious points.

Trump’s three tweets quoted Dan Bongino, a conservative radio host who was a guest on "Fox & Friends," one of the president’s favorite “news” programs. Bongino is also a former Secret Service agent who has run for Congress on a myriad of occasions, failing each time to win.

Bongino went on "Fox & Friends" to criticize Brennan, who he suggested was the “genesis” of the Russia investigation as it relates to Trump. The president, likely enjoying what he was hearing, tweeted three times on Monday morning Bongino’s comments.

Bongino suggested in his rant that Brennan, who he contended had access to a dossier compiled by a former British spy regarding Trump’s controversial relationships with some in Russia, was the reason behind the start of the Russia investigation itself. He provided no real evidence, of course, but that didn’t bother Trump, who tweeted it out like Gospel.

In actuality, we already know what started the Russia inquiry, specifically what began the investigation looking into the Trump campaign’s involvement in it: a bar-room discussion in which a former campaign aide named George Papadopoulos bragged openly about possibly obtaining dirt from Russia on Hillary Clinton. He made those comments to a foreign diplomat, who relayed the information to his government, who in turn relayed it to the FBI. Papadopoulos is now cooperating with the investigation being headed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Those facts don’t line up with Trump’s and his supporters’ desire for a conspiracy against the president, however. So it appears they’re willing to make up unsubstantiated claims against former members of President Barack Obama’s administration — including Brennan, who served as CIA director under the former president.

Those claims don’t hold weight, of course, but they do provide the current president with a fairy tale story that helps him feel good about himself. Unfortunately for Trump, those tales won’t hold up in a court of law, if it’s determined that the president himself obstructed justice or knew about and promoted collusion with the Russians.

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