Trump Districts Are Turning Blue While GOP Keeps On Losing

Democrats have been winning in districts that were overwhelmingly supportive of President Donald Trump while GOP candidates can't seem to turn any blue district red.

Donald Trump watches over wife Melania Trump's shoulder as she votes.

Democrats have been taking significant steps toward flipping Republican-held state legislative seats, even in districts that were overwhelmingly pro-President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

According to HuffPost, Democrat Charlie St. Clair won the New Hampshire House of Representatives’ Belknap County District 9, which had been mostly supportive of Trump during 2016. The special election that resulted in the Democratic win helped St. Clair take the seat from the Republicans by 12 points, quite impressive when you consider the district is overwhelmingly Republican.

But this win was important also because the seat had been vacated by Republican Robert Fisher, the politician who became widely famous (and infamous) for having founded the “Red Pill” forum on Reddit.

He made national news after it was reported he had used the forum to make comments that were often sexist and misogynistic, helping to considerably damage the Republican brand in the region.

In Oklahoma, a district in which Trump was the absolute leader in 2016, Democrat Jacob Rosecrants took over a seat that had been held by Republican Scott Martin with a 20-point victory, making this an even more admirable win for Democrats.  

According to CNN, these two last wins are the latest in six legislative seat turnovers from red to blue in contested New Hampshire and Oklahoma state races this year so far. And this, CNN adds, could be a trend, revealing that Americans may be getting tired of the Republican agenda.

If so, voters have decided to look at local Democratic legislators for better answers instead of staying loyal to Republicans.

And what's worse for the GOP, the report adds, is that they still haven’t been able to turn any Democratic seats red so far in 2017, proving that Trump may have helped to get Democrats eager to take over locally.

While it’s still early to count this as a victory that will certainly spark a revolution across the country, it’s safe to say that Americans just aren’t that into Trump — even he has acknowledged that much.

In no time, this dislike for the president will surely translate into local stir-ups as well, as we’re seeing in at least two states.

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