Trump Claims He Won The Female Vote In 2016 Election – He Didn’t

“But I did win that women’s vote, didn’t I? Remember, they said, ‘Why would women vote for Trump?’ Well, I don’t know but I got more than she did. That’s pretty good.”

President Donald Trump’s penchant for boasting about his accomplishments (most of which only exists in his head) is pretty well-documented.

Just recently, the commander-in-chief addressed steelworkers at a recently re-opened steel mill in Granite City, Illinois, following the announcement of increased tariffs on imported steel.

While touting the economic growth that has taken place during his tenure, the business mogul recounted his controversial 2016 presidential election took place more than 600 days ago.

While at it, Trump said more women voted for him than for former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“But I did win that women’s vote, didn’t I?” Trump said. “Remember, they said, ‘Why would women vote for Trump?’ Well, I don’t know but I got more than she did. That’s pretty good.”

Unsurprisingly, that never happened and data from the presidential elections easily proved the former business mogul wrong.

According to the information provided by the Pew Research Center, 42 percent of women voters cast ballots for Trump while 54 percent voted for Clinton.

However, according to a CNN exit poll, majority of white women did vote for him. On the other hand, his numbers were much lower among women of color.

In fact, an overwhelmingly large majority of African-American women — 94 percent, to be exact —voted for Clinton.

However, many recently released polls suggested the popularity of the POTUS is rapidly shrinking amongst women and men both.

For instance, as per the PBS News Hour poll released earlier this month, the president’s approval rating among women had fallen to 30 percent. Only 19 percent of this 30 percent said they “strongly approved” of his performance. On the other hand, of the 62 percent who said they disapproved, 51 percent said they "strongly disapproved."

Undeterred by his downright erroneous claim, Trump went on to boast about how unemployment level among African-Americans, Hispanic and Asians, had hit a record low during his administration.

However, the reality TV star-turned-politician took a break from the litany of praises of himself and noted the unemployment level for women has only a hit a 65-year-low.

“I’m sorry, women, to disappoint you. This is tough,” Trump joked.

It really is outrageous how Trump, without even bothering to reference any of his claims, get on national stage and just start saying whatever comes to his mind.

However, considering the polls suggesting otherwise and Trump’s disturbing history of using sexist and derogatory remarks against women, it really is hard to believe that women in abundance would support the self-confessed groper, who happens to be the president of the United States.

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