Trump Fan Accused Of Planting ‘Rape Melania’ Sign At Anti-Trump Rally

BuzzFeed News claims to have obtained texts between two Donald Trump fans discussing plans to sabotage a protest against the president-elect.

Reports have surfaced indicating that one of President-elect Donald Trump’s own supporters may have been responsible for planting a sign that read, “Rape Melania” at an anti-Trump rally.

The rally was held in Washington, D.C., back in November, following Trump’s election. The sign sparked outrage among many people who rightfully believed these so-called opponents of Trump went entirely too far.

At the time, there were speculations that the images depicting the sign had been digitally altered and no such sign really existed, Mic reports.

Now, it seems evidence has come out implicating that the sign was planted in the crowd by a Trump supporter with the malicious intent to sabotage protesters and demonize liberals.

BuzzFeed News reportedly got a hold of a text message thread from Nov. 10 between Trump fan Jack Posobiec and an accomplice discussing their devious plans.

Posobiec allegedly admitted to having infiltrated an anti-Trump protest once before and getting someone to join in on the “assassinate Trump” chant that he started and then filmed the other person repeating.

In another conversation on Nov. 12, Posobiec and his unnamed associate discussed plans to “discredit” protesters who were organizing a demonstration outside of Trump’s brand new Washington, D.C., hotel by using “bad signs.”

In a brainstorming session, the two came up with “Rape Melania” as the outrageous phrase they would write on the sign. After the sign appeared at the rally and the hashtag, “Rape Melania” surfaced on Twitter, the two exchanged texts, which included a screenshot of the trend.  

Posobiec has denied that he sent the texts that BuzzFeed uncovered and said that the photos of the sign were most likely photoshopped.

While there is still no definitive answer to where the sign came from or who is responsible for it, the text messages are quite damning.

Despite Posobiec’s denial of his involvement, BuzzFeed claims that they reviewed the messages on their unidentified source’s iPhone using Signal, a secure texting app, and they found that the texts appear to have come from the same telephone number that they used to contact Posobiec for his quote.

It is not a far-fetched idea that a Trump supporter would stoop to this level, considering that Trump, himself, has used lies to sabotage others.

Let’s not forget the time he falsely claimed that former Miss Universe Alicia Machado had a sex tape floating around, or when he alleged that he saw video footage of a ransom exchange between the United States and Iran and later retracted, just to name a few.

Trump is also known to deny all of his wrongdoing, even when caught red-handed. If Posobiec is being dishonest about his involvement in planting the disgusting sign, he’s only following the example set by our soon-to-be president. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Gage Skidmore

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