Trump Supporter Calls Writer A ‘Jewish F****t’ In A Letter

The faceless writer of the letter is allegedly involved in a petition drive to get the columnist removed from his current job because he doesn’t support Trump.



Ever since Donald Trump’s election, a large number of hate-related incidents have been reported and recorded, involving Trump fans and members of various minorities, including the LGBT community.

Most recently, a Trump-loving faceless and nameless supporter reportedly sent a letter to Noah Michelson, the editorial eirector and columnist for the Huffington Post’s “Queer Voices” section, calling him a “stupid Jewish faggot.”

Apparently, the anonymous sender, who claimed to have attended the same private school Michelson attended, was not pleased with the writer’s criticism of the president-elect.

 “I love Donald Trump because he is anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic. He is also xenophobic,” the letter reads. “I see that you are not happy with the election. I would suppose that you would not be given that you are a stupid Jewish f***ot.”

The racist troll also told Michelson that they had started a petition to get him fired from his job at the online news aggregator and blog.

“Once I receive about 1,000 signatures I will send them to your bosses at the Huffington Post to have you removed immediately. In addition, I am in the process of filing a civil suite [sic] against you and the Huffington Post for your postings on Facebook,” the letter continued.

Michelson wrote a detailed response to the letter in an article for the Post. While he wasn’t sure of the identity of the sender, he believes the person could indeed be from the same school.

“F**k you! As scary as it is to know that people like you (from my own past, no less) exist — and feel comfortable enough with your hate to publicly (though anonymously) broadcast it — I’m not afraid of you. I’m worried sick about all of the ways you and your cronies could corrode our country in the next four years — but I refuse to be afraid of you,” Michelson stated.

Since Trump was elected, there have been more than 400 accounts of racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia and homophobia.

Just this week, an anti-Clinton manager of a Floor and Décor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, allegedly berated a man with a homophobic slur.

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