Man Throws Tantrum Over Coffee: 'I Voted For Trump...You're Garbage'

A white Donald Trump supporter began hurling insults and Trump’s name at a black Starbucks employee in Miami, Florida, because his order was taking too long.

It seems like Donald Trump’s supporters feel just as entitled as he does.

A Donald Trump supporter threw a racist tantrum when he felt his Starbucks order was taking longer than it should have.

Jorge de Cardenas, who was at the Starbucks branch near the University of Miami campus, told the Miami New-Times that the disgruntled man was shouting insults at employees.

The white customer, David Sanguesa, started hurling Trump’s name at the black employee, who he accused of “anti-white discrimination” because his coffee was delayed.

According to de Cardenas, another customer called the man an “a**hole,” to which he replied “f**k you, b***h,” which is when de Cardenas began recording.

The video shows the man calling a black employee “trash” and demanding a refund.

“I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back," the man says "You’re garbage. You’re complete trash.”

He continues to insult to her when another customer asks him not to “talk to people like that.”

Sanguesa continued to complain about discrimination and threatened to punch the other man before storming out of the coffee shop.

Sanguesa later apologized for his behavior, but accused the barista of harboring animosity towards him for holding his Trump campaign gatherings at the coffee shop. 

While there’s nothing funny about the incident, what is amusing is the common theme of Trump’s supporters yelling out his name as though it carries some kind of power.

Trump supporters

This is yet another example of Trump supporters who’ve become more and more brazen with their racism, especially since Trump’s shocking victory on Nov. 8.

Throughout his campaign, Trump cynically catered to the small section of America that still holds antiquated views about race and now those people are coming out of the shadows and into the light.

Trump’s rhetoric has visibly emboldened many of his supporters who now feel it’s no longer taboo to voice their racist opinions.

Perhaps that will be the silver lining of Trump’s election — we will know who we’re up against.

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