Trump Fan Hurls Racism At Dominican Man: 'They Are All Going Back'

A man’s poignant Reddit post details a recent run-in with racism from a Donald Trump supporter while he was trying to enjoy breakfast at a Pennsylvania diner.

It is no secret that the election of Donald Trump has sparked a racist uprising that is greatly affecting the quality of life for people of color in America.

Unfortunately, many people’s run-ins with racism go untold unless there is a shocking confrontation that was recorded by some spectator and posted online, but there are several people who face discrimination on a regular basis while the rest of America turns a blind eye.

One such incident occurred in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Lushawn Prince, 30, went to Beltway Diner for breakfast on Wednesday, but was served up a smoking hot plate of racism instead.

He initially shared his disturbing experience in a Reddit post, and later spoke exclusively with Carbonated.TV.

“So I'm in a restaurant in a small PA town and the guy walking outside made a point to say to the waitress loud enough so I can hear, ‘don’t worry, January 20th is coming, they are all going back.’ Mind YOU [I’m] the ONLY black person in sight, there's like 7 ppl (sic) here,” he wrote.

Adding insult to injury, Prince said the waitress who witnessed the incident barely batted an eye at the customer’s blatant racism.

“The waitress looks at me super shocked and it's been awkward ever since. All she could muster up was ‘awww come on stop,’” he added.

“She didn't address me, didn't acknowledge it at all; she knew the guy,” Prince told Carbonated.TV.

“She stopped looking at me in the eyes, [and] after, she never looked me in the face again," he continued. "I tried to force contact because after the shock left I was thinking, ‘Wow this lady didn't say anything to me.’ I left her 47 cents tip, which I never do, but I felt like she deserved that.”

Prince — who noted in his post that he is of Dominican heritage — actually had a very lighthearted reaction to the whole ordeal. After the man made his comment, Prince said he just laughed.

“He stayed back holding the door looking at me to see if I would look,” Prince recounted. “And I proceeded to laugh in his face. He was one of the dustiest white men I ever seen. Just looking like life had its way with him.”

Considering that the racist man made a reference to Inauguration Day, it’s safe to say his remarks can be attributed, in part, to Trump’s false promises of deporting millions of immigrants and the perceived “white savior” campaign bid that got him elected.  

“As I listen to ‘Morning Joe's’ nomarlization (sic) of Drumpf on my tv (sic) in the background and the countless times independents, democrats, and REPUBLICANS spoke about the racist constituency and sentiments trump was brewing up, and WHILE all these media people and other politicians deny it, I was just hit with how REAL this sh*t was to so many,” Prince wrote. “Yo! If you voted for Drumpf you are either racist, misogynist, a bully, angry, negative, hateful, or are ok with all of this behavior, or a high combination of it. IDGAF what you say,” he added.

Prince said his approach to combating racism and ignorance is to spread love and promote education.

“Spread love, raise kids better, purer, happier, and less hateful [than] you were raised and stop believing all these politicians tell you,” he said.

Speaking to Carbonated.TV about his diner experience and the man who insulted him, Prince said:

“This man, if only he knew we are way closer than anyone else. Working men in America. The better I do, the better he does. We are way closer and more connected than any politician he ever has or will vote for. But he doesn't see it that way. That's where America fails and corrupt politicians and a government state and media wins.”

Following Prince’s recent encounter with racism, there was no viral footage of a big blowout plastered all over social media — but it doesn’t make his story any less important. Subtle instances like these are happening throughout the nation every day and are only making racial tensions stronger.

The awareness we bring to this subject will, hopefully, spark America’s interest in combating the deeply rooted hate in our society instead of normalizing it.

Read Prince's full Reddit post below: 

My 2017 Racist Trump Supporter Experience from racism


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