CNN Host Stunned When Trump Fan Defends Sexual Assault

A CNN Host was left speechless after a Trump fan defended his history of alleged sexual assault, saying "This is the kind of person that needs to lead our country."

CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin was left speechless as a female Donald Trump fan tried to defend his record on sexual assault.

Inexplicably, Trump supporters are still stepping up to bat for the candidate since tapes emerged of him bragging about sexually assaulting women.


Vicki Sciolaro, who spoke on CNN, was seemingly unaware of the gravity of Trump's comments suggesting that he assaults women and that women's claims of being assaulted by Trump have gone unheeded for years.

Sciolaro claims that the Trump tapes are "totally irrelevant" because they were a decade old. Her assertion gives no consideration for sexual assault victims, who continue to cope with pain and public shaming long after their abuse.

The suggestion that Trump has been assaulting women for decades becomes almost unquestionable, as the eerie record of a 1997 lawsuit against Trump re-emerges into the public eye.

Jill Harth, a former business associate of Trump’s, filed a lawsuit claiming that he had groped her genitals, exactly as Trump has described in the leaked tapes.

She alleged that during her time working with Trump, his assaults became increasingly aggressive. Harth stated that Trump groped her under the table during a business dinner and tried to rape her on multiple occasions, even cornering her in his daughter Ivanka's bedroom.

Harth continues to face media attacks and public scrutiny nearly a decade after her lawsuit was dropped, prompting her to hire a lawyer in response to his campaign's attempts to defame her character throughout the election year.

Trump supporters like Sciolaro apparently think that the ongoing suffering of victims is acceptable collateral damage for electing Trump who, she says, "Is not running to be the Pope."

Showing a surprising understanding of misogyny within Trump's fan base, Sciolaro notes that "everybody knew [Trump] had strip clubs" and that millions still want him.

If Sciolaro is right and none of Trump's supporters care about his history as a misogynist and abuser, then why have GOP officials and voters alike been dropping their candidate since the tapes were released?

In a final attempt to defend Trump, Sciolaro takes a leaf out of Trump’s campaign's book and cites Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky as evidence that these tapes are not really a problem.

She clearly fails to see the significance that Bill Clinton's affair did not surface until after he was in office. Trump’s camp should at least be made aware that dredging up the personal life of a female candidate's husband is the exact misogyny for which the entire campaign is being condemned.

It seems reasonable to expect Trump supporters to remember that Hillary Clinton is the one running for president, not her husband.

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