Trump Fan’s July 4th Float Included A ‘Lying African’ Obama

A July 4th float made by a Trump supporter in Indiana included a dummy of President Obama in a toilet with a "Lying African" sign underneath.

A July 4th parade in Sheridan, Indiana exemplified the state Donald Trump has brought the country to—one Trump supporter’s float included an effigy of President Obama with a sign that read “Lying African” underneath.

The float as a whole was an homage to Trump, with multiple Trump signs and American flags plastered on it.

On the front, however, was an African lion, and on the back was a dummy of Obama inside a toilet labeled “Royal Flush,” with “Lying African” written on a sign directly below.

This incredibly offensive and racist public display was captured by one parade-goer who posted a photo of the float on Facebook, writing, “While we were all celebrating, this happened. Nice parade, huh? Brought to you by your neighbors in Sheridan, Indiana. Wow.”

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has voiced his support for Trump and is allegedly on a shortlist for the position of Vice President—the individual who posted the picture on Facebook urged Indiana residents to make the image go viral to expose Pence’s support for such a candidate: “If Pence is hitching himself to the racist wagon, let's let Hoosiers know! Hopefully he'll ride it right on out of Indiana. Disgusting and shameful.”

Trump has normalized public racism, making floats such as this go unquestioned and unchallenged—this “new normal” is extremely disturbing, to say the least.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

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