Trump Fans Make ‘Safe Spaces’ So People Can’t Point Out Their Bigotry

Donald Trump supporters in California have decided to create "safe spaces" so they can freely discuss Trump without any criticism from liberals.

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Young liberals are often mocked for their defense of safe spaces and trigger warnings, relentlessly referred to as “social justice warriors” by conservatives.

Now, in an interesting bit of irony, Trump supporters have latched onto the idea of safe spaces and decided to create these areas in California, allowing them to comfortably discuss and praise their favorite bigoted candidate.

According to KALW, Trump supporter Tracey Lindsey came up with the idea after being unable to drive around town with her Trump bumper sticker.  “We’ve had people, I don’t know if I can say this on the radio, say ‘f*ck you. They put dog poop in bags, next to the windshield wiper near the bumper sticker,” she said.

While this behavior is unacceptable, it is also somewhat expected considering all the racist and offensive remarks Trump has made concerning Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans, and women.  California is not even a majority white state, so it’s extremely unsurprising that Trump support would be met with ridicule and disdain from Californians.

To combat this, Lindsey now holds meetings at her house that are open to Trump supporters who hope to discuss Trump and why they believe he is the best option for the country.

One member, Mark Barnes, told KALW that he felt “all alone” in his support for Trump, but prided his independence and saw the same in Trump: “I see myself in him, to be willing to say things, maybe be provocative.”

Trump’s comments are more insulting and xenophobic than simply “provocative,” but many of his fans have flocked to him specifically because they believe he “tells it like it is.”

However, if you need to create a “safe space” in order to discuss the merits of your candidate who is deeply hated by millions of Americans, you should probably reconsider your support.

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