Trump Finally Gets Sued For The Violence He Incites At Rallies

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is getting slapped with a lawsuit by three students who were assaulted at one of his rallies in Kentucky last month.

Finally! After all the violence and chaos that has ensued at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, someone has decided to sue him.

A group of protesters claim they were assaulted during one of the GOP presidential front-runner’s rallies in Kentucky on Super Tuesday. They are now reportedly suing Trump, accusing him of inciting violence amongst his supporters, Mic reports.

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Kashiya Nwanguma, 21, Molly Shah, 36, and Henry Brousseau, 17, said Trump instructed his supporters to “get them out of here” while they were peacefully protesting at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

"Trump and his campaign did not try to stop the racial and ethnic slurs at the Louisville rally but 'selectively targeted the protestors for physical violence because of the content of their speech,' the lawsuit claims," according to Mic.

The suit also noted: "The Republican presidential hopeful and his campaign acted with 'gross negligence' and failed to provide proper security, allowing supporters to be responsible for ejecting 'peaceful protestors.’”

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Video footage of the incident captured Nwanguma being harassed and shoved by Trump followers on her way out of the venue. One supporter who appears particularly irate is, ironically, sporting one of the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” baseball caps.

"Protesters from every side of the political spectrum have been a regular feature in American politics, since time immemorial ... But one — Donald J. Trump — has decided to break with American tradition and the rule of law by inciting his supporters to physically attack protesters at his rallies and campaign appearances,” the lawsuit argues.

The deplorable treatment of protesters at Trump rallies has been an ongoing issue, with Trump refusing to take any responsibility or even condemn the actions of his supporters. It’s about time someone took steps to hold the candidate accountable for the ruthless behavior he condones. 

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