Trump Fires Longtime Aide For Unimpressive Phoenix Rally Turnout

The size of the Phoenix rally crowd left something to be desired for President Donald Trump, and he fired the long-serving aide responsible for organizing the event.

President Trump speaking at rally surrounded by supporters.

President Donald Trump has fired one of his four longest serving aides over the small crowd size of his Phoenix, Arizona, campaign rally.

According to Bloomberg and other reports, the event organizer and former White House director of advance, George Gigicos, was informed by Trump's assistant, Keith Schiller, that he'd never manage a Trump rally again.

Despite attempts by Trump supporters to put a more positive spin on the event, media reports indicate that the size of the Phoenix rally crowd, at least initially, left something to be desired. White House sources informed Bloomberg that the president was furious over the tepid turnout long before he delivered his speech, even as the room eventually filled with approximately 10,000 people, as estimated by one Phoenix spokeswoman.

However, the images circulating of an only partially filled venue seemed to have taken their toll on the president's pride, and Gigicos paid the price.

The long-serving aide was the key to the logistics behind Trump's most memorable campaign events, and even after Gigicos left his position as director of advance at the White House in July he continued to organize on the president's behalf.

Bloomberg notes that Trump has hounded Gigicos for event failures in the past, noting a moment on the campaign trail in January 2016 in which his mic stopped working. In typical Trump fashion, he simultaneously placed blame, played the victim, and advocated for immoral behavior.

"The stupid mic keeps popping," he griped. "Do you hear that, George? Don’t pay them! Don’t pay them!"

Their partnership continued on though, and some in Trump's camp expressed to Bloomberg that they hope the White House door isn't permanently closed to Gigicos. However, Trump appears to rarely hold onto relationships, and while he demands loyalty, he doesn't seem to give much in return.

The Trump administration is so mismanaged by the president's ego and whims that it has been more of a revolving door of political and corporate hopefuls than a government. If this really is the end for Gigicos, he should count himself lucky.

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