Will Cohen Turn Against The President? Some Trump Allies Think So

“That’s what they’ll threaten him with: life imprisonment. They’re going to threaten him with a long prison term and try to turn him into a canary that sings.”

Michael Cohen

Things are not looking too good for the chaotic and deeply factionalized Trump administration.

President Donald Trump is understandably worried after the FBI raided the home and offices of his longtime personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen — so much so he called up one of his former legal advisers Jay Goldberg, an 85-year-old lawyer who represented him in divorce and real estate cases back in the late '90s and early 2000s, to seek some advice.

Interestingly, after talking to the commander-in-chief, Goldberg turned around and told the publication about the contents of his conversation with the president, which for the most part reportedly revolved around the warnings that Cohen might turn against Trump “if faced with criminal charges.”

Goldberg told Trump on a scale of 1 to 100 — with 100 being completely loyal to him — Cohen “isn’t even a 1.”

“Michael will never stand up [for you],” he said he told the president.

FBI officials are currently investigating if Cohen committed fraud when he paid $130,000 in hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to make sure she doesn’t discuss her alleged affair with Trump. They also seized Cohen’s phones and laptop during the raid, which must have been quite troubling for Trump, given that his attorney had a penchant for recording conversations and then digitizing them.

Trump allies are not only worried if intelligence officials are in possession of any recordings that might incriminate the president, but they are also worried Cohen won’t remain silent if things get bad for him.

“You have to be alert,” Goldberg told Trump. “I don’t care what Michael says.”

He also reportedly warned the president that Cohen might wear a wire.

Apparently, the former legal adviser is not the only one who thinks that.

“That’s what they’ll threaten him with: life imprisonment,” said lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who recently met with the president and his staff, according to the Politico. “They’re going to threaten him with a long prison term and try to turn him into a canary that sings.”

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