Trump Gets Purple Heart From Vet: 'This Was Much Easier' Than Serving

While on the campaign trail in Virginia Tuesday, Donald Trump bragged about being gifted a Purple Heart from a lieutenant veteran, despite it being a copy.

Donald Trump allegedly received a Purple Heart as a gift from a retired lieutenant and supporter, Louis Dorfman.

At a campaign event on Tuesday in Ashburn, Virginia, Trump recounted the scenario when Dorfman gave him his Purple Heart as a token of respect. The speech was evidently Trump’s attempt to show that he still has clout among veteran voters despite the fact that he dodged the Vietnam War draft five times and recently defamed a Gold Star family.

Trump told audiences it was the genuine medal that Dorfman had been awarded, an original Purple Heart which is a federal honor reserved for those who have been wounded or killed in the armed services.

Well, NBC journalist Katy Tur fact-checked this with Dorfman, who told her that the Purple Heart he gave Trump was, in fact, a copy. She tweeted on Tuesday, “The man who gave Trump his Purple Heart told me earlier today, it was a copy of his Purple Heart.”

Trump stated that he “always wanted” one, but this way of receiving it was a cake walk compared to having to actually step foot in a war zone as a soldier. Of the gift, he tried an insensitive joke: “Man, that’s like big stuff. I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Not only does Trump sound like a greedy child, but he yet again found a new way to disrespect veterans. By trivializing the sacrifice which Dorfman made in order to receive the award in the first place is incredibly uncivil, and certainly not indicative of presidential material. 

Photo credit: YouTube screenshot, ABC News

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