Trump Goads Crowd Into Booing Cancer-Stricken John McCain

President Donald Trump expressed his disdain toward the Arizona senator from his own party and made no effort to stop a crowd from booing McCain.

President Donald Trump frowning

There seems to be no room for decency inside the heart of President Donald Trump — and it seems the same holds true for at least some of his supporters.

During a rally held Tuesday night in Nashville, Tennessee, at an event billed to be in support of Republican candidates in The Volunteer State, the president veered off into several directions, as Trump typically does whenever he is behind the mic.

Many pepople probably expected the president to go off-script, and to even make disparaging comments about lawmakers in Washington. But the president's words about U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), who was diagnosed last year with an aggressive form of brain cancer, were unconscionable, to put it mildly.

Trump urged the crowd to turn against McCain, referencing the senator in a rant about a proposed bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act with an unpopular Republican-authored alternative. McCain famously voted against that plan.

“We had it done, folks, it was done, and then early in the morning somebody turned their hand in the wrong direction,” Trump said at the rally, referring to McCain’s vote.

Trump's words resulted in several audience members booing the senator.

Trump urging the crowd to revile McCain seems to confirm the disdain his administration has for the ailing senator. Earlier this month, it was reported that a White House aide mocked McCain, joking that his vote against a controversial Trump appointment didn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.”

Say what you will about McCain — he has certainly not always been on the right side of history. But he has shown integrity at certain times when it has mattered. His vote against Trump’s health care repeal was one such instance.

Trump mocking McCain and goading a crowd into booing him only goes to show which of the two men has a higher level of integrity. It’s unfortunate that too many in the GOP are unwilling to stand up to this hateful president the way that McCain has over the first two years Trump has been in office.

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