Trump Has A History Of Mocking Depression, Just Ask Rosie O’Donnell

Donald Trump's attacks on Heidi Cruz are reminiscent of the same degrading strategies he used against Rosie O'Donnell during their infamous feud.

Donald Trump has become infamous for taking low-blows during feuds with other people. He has verbally attacked all of his opponents in the presidential race from both the Republican and Democrat sides.

Recently, he has been heavily criticized for his attacks against Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, after threatening to “spill the beans” on her and retweeting a humiliating meme comparing her looks to his model wife’s appearance.

While it’s somewhat unclear what “beans” Trump was alluding to, Buzzfeed reports that some interpreted it as a reference to her battle with depression over the years.

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If Trump had been referring to that issue, it wouldn’t be the first time he went after someone’s mental health in a cruel manner.

During his infamous feud with Rosie O’Donnell, Trump used O’Donnell’s struggle with depression to “get even” with her after they had been trading blows for months following comments she made regarding his handling of the Miss USA pageant.

O’Donnell publicly admitted to her ongoing battle, and Trump responded to it by telling “Entertainment Tonight,” “If I looked like Rosie, I’d struggle with depression too.”

That remark actually ended the spat between the two after O’Donnell made a request to “Never mention that dump truck again,” on an episode of “The View.”

It’s not surprising that Trump would make vicious remarks about Heidi as he has also stooped so low as to call her husband a p***y during a campaign rally.

He’s known for his crass, inappropriate comments which his supporters call “blunt honesty.”

What’s worse is that Trump didn’t have any intention to apologize to Heidi for his comments and tweets until he was scolded by Wisconsin radio host, Charlie Sykes.

Trump kept insisting that Cruz and his campaign knew about a slut-shaming ad that was released about his wife, Melania, and therefore his retaliation was justified. He completely ignored the fact that the Super PAC responsible for the ad is not even affiliated with the Cruz campaign.

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He childishly said that in order for him to consider apologizing to Heidi, her husband would need to apologize to him first because “he started it.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether Cruz had even the slightest idea about the scathing ad; Trump’s response shows he is clearly unfamiliar with the common phrase, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

He can’t see past his own narcissism and affinity for sexism to take the high road. His vile comments about O’Donnell in the past indicate that this behavior isn’t just a show for his campaign but rather an inherent component of his personality. He enjoys attacking peoples’ personal weaknesses to build himself up.

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