Trump Has Met His Match: Radio Host Exposes Trump As Blabbering Idiot

In an embarrassing and awkward interview conducted by infamous radio host Charlie Sykes, Trump began to sound like the blabbering idiot we've always known him to be.

National Republican front-runner Donald Trump may have finally met his match with influential radio host Charlie Sykes, a man that has had no qualms bashing Trump and his antics on a regular basis.

With the Wisconsin primary just a few days away, many of the presidential candidates have hit the pavement hard, trying to get their campaign out there. Trump, however, hasn’t made a campaign appearance in about a week, leaving the ridiculous stuff he has said about Cruz’s wife and her appearance in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Finally getting Trump on the show, Sykes had a field day, likening Trump to a “12-year-old bully on the playground.”

Sykes also took the opportunity to ask Trump about the recent video that showed women reading some of the incredibly sexist things that Trump has said about women’s appearances.

Trump responded by saying, “Women are just going to have to see what I’ve done,” adding that he’s hired a “tremendous number” of women in executive positions and have “paid them better than men” which is, according to Trump, “more than some people can say.”

Trump then went on a tangent about how he has been quoted so much in his life because he’s been in the “entertainment industry,” which Sykes quickly shot down, saying “Are the rules different for celebrities?”

Trump said no, but he definitely began to blubber, saying that he was allowed to say whatever he wanted, and then concluding that he was a leader in “breaking the glass ceiling.”

Of course, once Sykes began backing him into a corner, Trump said that he believed this was a “dead issue” until Sykes brought it up (yeah, right), and then he began trying to pull a Bernie Sanders move and said, “I would rather be talking about trade—you know the things I’m best at—like border security.”

That kind of cat-and-mouse continued for another 10 minutes. For the first time, it seemed that someone was able to turn Trump into the blabbering idiot that he truly is, plain for anyone to see.

Listen to the interview below:

Even more astounding, however, would have to be the amazing responses that began trending on Twitter, with many applauding Sykes for his ability to make Trump show his true colors:






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