Trump Hires Son’s Wedding Planner To Head Federal Housing Program

President Donald Trump has picked his family's longtime event coordinator and friend to lead a major federal housing program with no experience.

An event planner has been chosen by President Donald Trump to run a New York federal housing program. However, this is not just any event planner but the one who coordinated Eric Trump’s wedding day.

Lynne Patton is inexperienced in housing administration, yet she will now be in charge of distributing billions of dollars in federal funding as she heads up the New York branch of the United States Department of Housing, The Independent reports.

In addition to planning Eric Trump's 2014 Mar-a-Lago wedding, Patton has coordinated celebrity golf tournaments at Trump’s courses and has served as vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation, which is being investigated for fraud.

In her new position, Patton will be responsible for allocating tens of thousands of rental vouchers and regulating grants that fund housing inspections and senior citizen programs. Almost 70 percent of the state’s Housing Authority operational budget and 100 percent of its repair budget comes from this department.

This is certainly not the first time Trump has appointed someone to a position for which they were highly unqualified. It actually makes perfect sense for a president who is unfit to do his own job to employ others who are even more incompetent than himself.

However, the fact that Patton is an African-American woman indicates that she was likely chosen for this position to uphold the false image that Trump is not sexist or racist.

He’s been desperate to improve his reputation, particularly as his approval ratings continue to plummet rapidly. If this move is, indeed, a ploy to pander to minorities and women, he failed miserably. 

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