Trump Hopes Handwritten Notes Will Win Over #NeverTrump GOPers

Donald Trump is now sending handwritten notes to conservative radio hosts to make them reconsider their #NeverTrump policy.

donald trump

After essentially securing the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has been slowly attempting to win over GOP party leaders and achieve that vital “unity” pundits are so fond of discussing.

Trump had a private meeting with Paul Ryan after the Speaker of the House declined to endorse him; he sat down with Fox News host Megyn Kelly after months of feuding; even Republican senators and previous rivals such as Lindsey Graham are now reluctantly coming on board.

Trump is trying to win over as many influential Republicans as possible, including the staunch #NeverTrump believers—a part of this strategy now apparently includes handwritten notes.

Conservative radio host Charles Skye tweeted on Friday that Trump had sent him a handwritten note, reaching out to him.

Fellow radio host Erik Erickson, another in the #NeverTrump camp, also tweeted that he had received a handwritten note from the candidate, written in “thick Sharpie.”

While the Republican Party appeared primed for implosion during the contentious primary season, the general consensus as of late is that the party must rally around Trump and work to defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

With Trump’s poll numbers rising over the past few weeks, he certainly looks poised to do just that. 

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