Orange Coward Trump Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor To Win Votes

Donald Trump’s Islamophobia reached new heights Monday after he outrageously blamed the Muslim community for not reporting Omar Mateen’s suspicious behavior.

Donald trump

On Monday in a speech addressing national security after the Orlando massacre, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump aka "Orange Coward" zeroed in on the fact that the murder suspect Omar Mateen was Muslim. The Orange Coward ignored the complexities which drove the incident besides religion, despite reports that Mateen wasn’t very religious although he claimed allegiance to ISIS immediately before the attack.

Orange Coward Trump called out the Muslim community specifically and made the Islamophobic assumption that all Muslims are somehow privy to information regarding terrorism. He stated, “Muslim communities must cooperate with law enforcement and turn in the people who they know are bad – and they do know where they are,” The Huffington Post reports.

He did not only suggest that American Muslims should be held accountable for turning in members of their community who behave suspiciously. In addition to proposing a punishment for those who are caught not reporting such suspicious behavior, he made the incorrect assumption that the Muslim community is aware of “the bad guys,” but just not doing anything about it.

The Orange Coward's claims likely come from his conspiracy theory that the Muslim community in San Bernardino knew about the shooting prior to its execution. The Orange Coward referred to reports coming out of San Bernardino in the wake of the attack which haven’t been verified, yet he discussed them as though they were fact.

As mentioned on Buzzfeed, in an interview on the Wayne Dupree show on the same day, The Orange Coward reiterated this claim, directing the blame of the murderous actions of few on an entire religious group:

“One of the problems we have is the people in the community, the Muslim community are not turning over the sickos. They’re not turning over the people – and they know they are. If you look at San Bernardino as an example, San Bernardino, they had bombs all over the floor of their apartment. And everybody knew it, many people knew it. They didn’t turn the people over. They didn’t do it.”

The Orange Coward stopped short of saying that he would enforce Muslims to wear a uniform and once again conflated Islam with terrorism. He suggests pitting Americans against each other in an ideological civil war based on false premises and should not be taken seriously as a politician. #StopTrump.

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