Trump Hosted A Notorious QAnon Conspiracy Theorist In Oval Office

The commander-in-chief will only push these voices higher up the media food chain if he continues to nurture and legitimize them.


Recently, President Donald Trump met with a leading proponent of the notorious QAnon conspiracy theory, Michael LeBron, at the White House.

Lest you dismiss this news as another smear campaign against the commander-in-chief, here is some undeniable proof of the meeting:


There simply are no words to explicate this profound honor.

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It is unclear what was discussed during this get-together.

For those blissfully unaware of Lebron, this man is the fiercest defender of the QAnon theory, which basically narrates that some notable Democrats are involved in a child sex trafficking business that spans the globe.

It is essentially like Pizzagate – but bigger, more complex and much stupider.

The theory also posits that someone higher up in the government, or a small group of people with security clearance Q, has been working to dig up evidence against this cabal and will expose them in due time.

While many speculate that this person, called “Q” in the conspiracy theory circles, is the not-dead John Kennedy Jr., many Trump supporters believe it is the commander-in-chief himself.

Interestingly, LeBron is perhaps the most recognizable figure in the particular niche that QAnon has carved for itself in the world of conspiracy theories.

His career started long before the internet. LeBron has prided himself on “carpet-bombing the Tampa air waves” and calling in on radio shows with a variety of accents masking his original voice to discuss conspiracy theories.

With the advent of the internet, LeBron made a YouTube account titled “Lionel Nation” and found a way to storm on to the Facebook timelines and collective consciousness of the nation.

Speaking about the meeting with POTUS, LeBron admitted he did not broach the theory in front of the president. However, he argued that Trump has knowledge of the theory.

“I think we all know he knows about this,” he said.

It is impossible for Trump to have missed the conspiracy theory, or at least its supporters, as in one of his rallies, a group of his supporters came in wearing QAnon shirts.

The theory also fits in conveniently with the narrative the former reality TV star has constructed for himself: the messiah who will come in to flush out “the swamp.”

However, for the president to meet with a conspiracy theorist in the White House is alarming, to say the least.

To find more about the QAnon conspiracy theory, check out the video below:


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