Trump Blatantly Ignores Jim Acosta’s Question About Russian Ties

President Trump gave a cold shoulder and walked off instead of answering Jim Acosta’s question about his administrations ties with Russia.

In President Donald Trump’s America, freedom of speech is clearly in jeopardy.

The commander-in-chief held a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he decided to toss or completely ignore questions that weren’t in his favor.

Trump Ignored Jim Acosta Questions

In an obvious display of authoritarian behavior, Trump casually walked off with a thank you followed by a wave, when CNN’s Jim Acosta asked about his administrations reported ties with Russia.

The former reality TV star had invited only a few sympathetic conservative news outlets to the event. However much to Trump’s disappointment Jim Acosta from CNN was also present at the conference.

“Mr. President are you answering questions about your associates’ contact with the Russians during your campaign tour?” asked Acosta.

Trump turned a deaf ear and walked away.

For Acosta, receiving this kind of a response isn’t new; he is the very same journalist whose questions Trump ignored at his first official news conference as president-elect accusing his organization (CNN) of being “fake news”.

The journalist appeared on CNN after the press conference and explained that Trump’s strategy was to call only a handful of journalists who wouldn’t speak against his administration, ignoring all important aspects.  

“He got no questions at this news conference about this major news that we’ve seen breaking in the last 24 hours… that associates of the president, aides of the president during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign with Russians… who are known to the U.S. intelligence community.”

“This president, this White House, has come up with their own solution for, basically, questions that they don’t want to answer at this point,” he said.

Acosta said that the President was very upset about the leaks coming from the intelligence agencies and his administration tries to shelter him from media interrogation. However, he pointed out that these tactics “don’t work” in the long run.

Trump turning a cold shoulder to the media isn’t new. His chief strategist, Steve Bannon, had ordered the media earlier to “shut its mouth” and “listen for a while.” He called the media “the opposition party”, stating that they didn’t understand what America and Trump stand for.

Well, for a change, why don’t you try and explain?

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