Trump Ignores Setbacks As Kim Strokes His Ego With 'Your Excellency'

In spite of North Korea refusing to meet to return soldiers' remains or negotiate denuclearization in good faith, the president lavished praise on Kim Jong Un.

North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un, left, and U.S. President Donald Trump appear jointly before press in front of North Korean and American flags

President Donald Trump happily sent out a tweet featuring a letter to him from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, on the same day it was revealed that Pyongyang is backing away from one of its major promises to the United States. 

The letter to Trump from Kim is described by the American president as being "[a] very nice note from Chairman Kim of North Korea. Great progress being made!”

Trump included two versions of the note, one in Korean and one in English. In the English translation, Kim called Trump “Your Excellency” on five separate occasions. The praise likely grabbed Trump’s attention, as the president only likes to hear things that put him in a positive light.

The letter, however, is problematic: It promotes the Kim regime as being acceptable to the interests in our nation. In actuality, in spite of the supposed “agreement” between Trump and Kim to denuclearize the latter’s nation, North Korea has indicated in recent days an unwillingness to do so and to ignore other demands we wanted as well.

When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the nation, for instance, rather than being open to denuclearization, negotiators from Pyongyang described the actions of the U.S. envoy as “gangster-like.”

In non-nuclear related topics, North Korea has also signaled an unwillingness to be a good-faith negotiator. U.S. military officials had planned to meet with North Korea negotiators at the peninsula’s demilitarized zone regarding the topic of returning the remains of soldiers killed during the Korean War in the 1950s. But when that meeting was set to occur on Thursday, North Korea was a no-show.

It was a topic that Trump had previously bragged about, boasting that hundreds of soldiers’ remains had already been returned, a statement he made that was, in fact, a lie.

Whether it’s the issue of getting our soldiers’ remains back on American soil, or the topic of negotiating a denuclearization agreement in good faith, North Korea has demonstrated an unwillingness to be dependable to our interests.

Despite these major setbacks, the president — when he receives huge praise from Kim that clearly strokes his ego in the right way — is willing to ignore those issues entirely.


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