Trump Walks Off As Reporters Ask Questions About Roy Moore

Soon after Trump was done praising himself at the press briefing about trade policy, reporters asked him about Roy Moore – but the president walked off.

President Donald Trump's self-proclaimed victory lap after his Asia trip isn't turning out like he expected. 

While going on about his success and how the United States has become the strongest nation under his regime while speaking about the international trade policy, a few mishaps cropped up. 

The highlights of his speech were the pauses he took to drink water, although he had slammed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's water-drinking habits during the 2016 campaign, fast forward a year and he got thirsty taking a victory lap himself. That was karma at its best.

Soon after Trump was done with his comments, reporters turned his attention to a very important topic — Roy Moore. They questioned him about Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate, who has been embroiled in controversies of sexual allegations with teenage girls.

According to the reports, Moore had sexual relationships with at least six teenage girls. One of the girls, Leigh Corfman, was just 14 when Moore reportedly stripped her underwear, touched her breasts and genitals and then forced her to put her hand on his crotch through his shorts.

But when Trump, who himself faced allegations of sexual assault weeks before his elections, was questioned about Moore he refused to answer — in fact he ignored the question totally.

The commander-in-chief thanked everyone in the audience before leaving the podium.

“God bless you and God bless the United States of America, thank you very much, thank you all,” he said.

This was the moment a reporter called out, “Should Roy Moore, resign Mr. President? Do you believe he is an accuser?”

But Trump chose to stay uncharacteristically silent. His silence was sickening to say the least.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Kevin Lamarque 

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