Trump: 'I'll Find Some Kind Of An Excuse' If NK Deal Falls Apart

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he'd come up with "an excuse" that would remove any blame from him if the North Korea deal fails down the road.

North Korea head of state Kim Jong Un, left, and President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump just exposed himself for who he truly is: a grifter who makes excuses for when he fails, never accepting any responsibility for his own actions, unless it results in success.

Speaking to reporters shortly after his historic meeting on Tuesday with North Korea head of state Kim Jong Un, Trump explained what would happen if the pact between him and Kim broke apart — not necessarily discussing such a scenario in terms of North Korea’s nuclear program, but rather what it would mean to his image.

“I think [Kim is] going to do these things,” Trump said. “I may be wrong. I mean, I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey, I was wrong.’”

But immediately after that sentence, Trump backtracked and revealed what he may also do instead.

“I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse,” he added, smiling while doing so.

This is why it is so impossible to take Trump at his word — there are no consequences, in his mind, for him screwing up.

There’s also very little in terms of planning, from Trump or Kim, on how to follow through with the proposed pact between the two leaders. Short of a vague agreement to “denuclearize” (a term that is ambiguous in itself), there’s nothing to suggest that this time things will be different.

North Korea has been saying it will denuclearize since 1985. Trump believes himself to be a hero for getting them to do so one more time. Until actual action is taken, Trump shouldn’t be credited with anything positive from this deal.

Similarly, he shouldn’t be so willing to accept a positive outcome unless he’s also willing to shoulder some of the blame should the deal go sour. Saying he’ll find “some kind of an excuse” if that happens reveals he’s not able to take on that kind of responsibility — a clear sign of an inept leader.

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