No Wonder David Duke Loved Trump’s Big Immigration Speech

Apparently, Donald Trump’s conciliatory tone during the meeting with the Mexican president was a big farce. And some people are very happy about it.

Donald Trump’s Wednesday night immigration speech was a hate-filled rant that, as usual, featured talks of deportation and “taking our country back.”

Obviously, white supremacists like David Duke loved the spectacle.

The former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan has become an outspoken supporter of Trump and the GOP nominee’s latest words about policies for undocumented immigrants have left Duke incredibly impressed. 


“Excellent speech by Donald Trump tonight. Deport criminal aliens, end catch and release, enforce immigration laws & America First,” said Duke.

It wasn’t just Duke, though. Jared Taylor, the founder and editor of American Renaissance, a conservative magazine, also liked Trump’s speech.



And why not? Much of Trump’s speech was filled with lies and hypocrisy — the chief tenets that embody much of the ideologies behind white supremacy.

The tumultuous day started after Trump accepted an invitation from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to meet him in Mexico City to discuss the issues surrounding border control.

During the meeting, Trump and Nieto decided to skirt around incendiary issues like the raging hostility for Mexicans. Unsurprisingly, the media mogul did not apologize to Nieto for calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers and said he decided not to discuss the payment of the wall.

However, Nieto says otherwise, stating in a tweet that he made it clear to Trump at the very beginning that Mexico will not pay for the wall.



Moreover, just a few scant hours later, Trump’s speech in Phoenix, Arizona, completely belied his conciliatory manner in Mexico.

“Mexico will pay for the wall, believe me — 100 percent — they don’t know it yet, but they will pay for the wall,” Trump said. “They’re great people, and great leaders, but they will pay for the wall.”

The Republican presidential nominee once again denounced illegal immigrants calling them a dangerous and criminally minded community who commit rapes and other heinous crimes. He tried to make himself into a champion of blue-collared workers claiming their economic needs were much more important than those of undocumented immigrants. He did not clarify what would happens to the millions of such immigrants only stating the “appropriate disposition of those individuals” once the “criminals” were deported and the border wall was erected.

He also lied about the criminal records of immigrants using years old data to claim immigrants commit 25,000 homicides and cost the country $113 billion. Both these statistics are misleading and false.

Newer data shows that immigrants have lower arrest rates than native-born Americans. A 2103 study found first generation immigrants commit crime at a lower rate than second generation ones and native-born white people.

Nor do they cost the economy as much as Trump claims. In reality, undocumented immigrants contribute $11.64 billion into taxes, according to a 2016 report. Additionally, they contributed a net positive of $35.1 billion to the Medicare Trust Fund between 2000 and 2011, according to a 2015 study.

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