Trump Inauguration: A Divided Nation Enters An Unchartered Territory

And it's time - the Obamas are out and the Trumps are in. The reins of governance are changing hands.

The mood is bittersweet. It always is at such moments.

But there's more bitterness this time over than probably ever before.

Fireworks and cheers of victory are accompanied by the hum and chants of discontent.

During a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 65 percent of people who did not vote for Donald Trump said the election has increased their stress above its usual level. Thirty-nine percent reported “a great deal” more stress.

Overall, 35 percent of Americans polled report additional stress related to the election, 12 percent report less stress, and 52 percent say it hasn’t caused any change from their usual stress levels.

Stress also is notably high among Hispanics polled, 54 percent of whom report extra stress from Trump’s election, compared with 38 percent of blacks and 29 percent of whites.


The president-elect arrived in Washington D.C., to kick-off a string of inauguration events starting with a leadership luncheon at the Trump Hotel, followed by Trump and VP-elect Mike Pence laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

The day ended with "Make America Great Again" concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

President-elect Donald Trump officially takes office Jan. 20 at an inauguration ceremony at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

The Creative Coalition will host a bipartisan inauguration night gala fundraiser just like the past 20 years. The event lists a number of celebrity hosts, including the actors Tim Daly, John Leguizamo and Christina Hendricks.







Friday onwards, following the inauguration, it's all going to be about the United States of America's 45th President Donald Trump and his vision of America.

Not everyone is happy- in fact it will not be wrong to say more people are disgruntled than jubilant.

Out of the about 900,000 people pouring in to Washington, D.C., for Inauguration Day, a large number, if not the majority,  is not there to attend the swearing-in ceremony but will be part of the dozens of protests planned in the city.

Although, the most talked about and anticipated Women’s March on Washington is not the only group holding a demonstration against Donald Trump.

#InaugurateTheResistance, #DeploraBall , #DisruptJ20 and Trump420 are just a few others.







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