Protester Attacked For Booing At Trump's NY Rally

Violence continues at Donald Trump's campaign rallies as a protester was violently shoved in the face multiple times during Monday's event in Albany, New York.

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has rightfully taken a lot of heat for all of the violence that ensues at his campaign events.

Despite the fact that it worsens his already tarnished image, he has done very little to curb any of the aggressive behavior his fans display.  

In fact, Trump is known to incite such belligerent actions among his supporters whenever protesters interrupt his speeches. He often instructs fans to “Get ‘em out of here!” and has previously offered to pay legal fees for those who get into physical altercations with protesters.

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As he continues along the campaign trail, there seems to be no end in sight to the warlike nature of his rallies.

As he addressed a crowd in Albany, New York on Monday evening, a protester booed very loudly and was shoved in the face multiple times as a result.

Trump fan, Mike Caraher, confronted the unnamed protester for booing and proceeded to carry out the assault.

Video footage of the incident shows that the protester did not retaliate but continued to boo before getting escorted out. Mind you, nothing happened to Caraher who violated this complete stranger’s space. He was able to carry on enjoying the event.

After the encounter, he had no shame or remorse for his actions: “I have my personal rights and my personal space,” Caraher reportedly said. “They’re going to start yelling about some bullsh*t, I’ll snatch your a** up.”

Ironically, during this speech Trump actually praised the residents of his home state and their values.

“We have the greatest values. Nobody has values like us,” he said.

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If the “values” Trump referred to involve physically attacking other people simply for disagreeing with you, then that was indeed demonstrated at his Albany rally. However, those values seem to be shared only among his supporters, not the entire state. 

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