Trump’s Indonesian Business Partner Boasts Of Close Ties To President

Hary Tanoesoedibjo believes having access to President Donald Trump’s family gives him some kind of edge over other businessmen.

President Donald Trump’s Indonesian business partner, Hary Tanoesoedibjo, has been bragging about his close ties to the U.S. commander-in-chief and his family.

The president director of MNC Corporation, who has inked major business deals with the Trump Organization to build luxury resorts in Bali and Lido, bragged about his relationship with the first family in an interview for a Jakarta-based magazine Tempo.

In an article titled “I Have Access to President Trump,” Tanoesoedibjo explained how he can easily get in touch with the U.S. business mogul via his children.

According to the Mother Jones, Tanoesoedibjo reportedly said, "I'm just a small fry, but if other people have difficulty getting to him, I can do it easily."

"I communicate with his children over our businesses. I can meet with his kids anytime. I just need to pick up the phone. My WhatsApp messages are also responded," the Indonesian billionaire added.

However, the tycoon refused making these comments when contacted by Mother Jones directly.

“This is absolutely not true,” he claimed, but his follow-up comment outlined he actually does get in touch with Trump’s children for business dealings and is able to access them for meetings. “I just communicate with Donald Trump Junior, Eric Trump and the management team over our business, nothing’s [sic] else. It’s a professional relationship since we are in partnership. We can communicate face to face or through email or sms or phone call, depending on the need,” he wrote in an email to the outlet.

Tanoesoedibjo did not give any financial details as to how much money Trump will receive through his business ventures.

 “I cannot say. It would not be ethical, especially now that he is the president.” he commented. “To be honest, Trump becoming president is a burden for me. I must make sure that all projects run well because MNC carries Indonesia's reputation."

It is pertinent to note that Tanoesoedibjo comments shed light on the conflict- of-interest amid Trump’s businesses after he stepped down from business, handing it over to his three eldest children.

Apparently, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are now responsible for over viewing Trump businesses but legal experts suggest otherwise, believing Trump still retains an ownership stake in the business.

Nevertheless, businessmen are all for gains, and so the Indonesian businessman denies having any conflicting interests.

"You know we entered into this corporation long before even Mr. Trump declared to run for president, so basically there is no conflict of interest at all,” he said in an interview to CNN.  “So the discussion is also, you know, this is a corporation within the two organizations. Now only I communicate my management, they also communicate with their management, intentionally because of this corporation. It's like a normal business.”

Tanoesoedibjo has praised the former reality TV star in previous interviews, claiming he draws inspiration from Trump, who transformed into a political leader from a wealthy businessman.

The Indonesian business leader attempted to get the nomination for vice-president in 2014, but failed. He has since setup his own political party, United Indonesia, and like his inspiration, he too, uses Twitter and appearances on his TV stations as a popular platform.

According to reports, last year Trump was paid between $2 million and $10 million for his role in the Indonesian projects.

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