Trump Is Doing Everything Wrong ... And Yet Seemingly Can Do No Wrong

President Donald Trump has the uncanny ability to wreak havoc while remaining mostly unscathed himself. However, what goes around comes around, or so the saying goes.

The reason why millions of Americans turned out to watch former FBI Director James Comey's testimony on Thursday was because they had questions, perhaps none more pressing than, "What has President Donald Trump done?" and "What will the consequences (finally) be?"

They're good questions considering, so far, Trump has gotten away with almost everything but murder. He's kind of like a cockroach; if there was a nuclear explosion, he'd probably be the only one to make it out alive.

Before he was elected president of the United States, Trump had already dug himself into such a deep, dark, and nasty hole that many assumed he didn't stand a chance against highly controversial Hillary Clinton. He boasted proudly of sexual assault, insinuated that his campaign rival should be assassinated, attacked a notable prisoner of war and a Gold Star family, mocked a disabled individual, publicly praised a foreign invasion of American intelligence, and then urged that foreign power to hack again, to name just a few. Yet here we are.

Since his election, Trump has not revealed a new and better side to himself, or as conservatives liked to phrase it, "become more presidential." He's a mess, and by virtue of his position as president, drawn the rest of the country into his mess. He's made a fool of himself in front of world leaders and acted so suspiciously regarding Russia that it's become an issue of national security. He's also turned his greed onto America itself, attacking the citizens he pledged to protect with his corrupt policies. 

However, to be fair, he hasn't done it all on his own.

Sure, we could put a romantic spin on the insanity and say that Lady Luck (or some Devil's pact) is looking out for the Cheeto-in-chief, but the truth is important. Trump would not have won the election if not for his legions of supporters blindsided by his twisted vision of American "greatness." He would not be in power if not for the spineless Republican Party, who have shown again and again over the past year and a half that their principle is politics first, America second. While Trump is the tyrant at the helm, he wouldn't be nearly so menacing if it weren't for the goons in Congress rowing away at his back.

Trump is a historic wreck, yet he remains in power and persistent about putting into policy whatever racistsexistIslamophobicplanet-ending scheme that crosses his sugar-fueled mind. He's said and done reprehensible things, and yet he's still tweeting away from the Oval Office, a hazard to America while seemingly indestructible himself.

So, once again, here we are. Only this time we've got the former director of an independent branch of government publicly testifying to things that are easy to believe when we remember what Trump's already pulled off. Whether or not this has the potential to lead to impeachment (and whether or not America really wants that with Vice President Mike Pence as the successor) remains to be seen, but the left is certainly ready to act in one way or another.

Thinking optimistically, perhaps Comey's testimony will spur right-wing politicians to act, too. Then maybe (finally) Trump will get what's been coming to him for a very, very, very long time.

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